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Hi everyone!  Thought I'd just let you all know, I've got about 5 slots for commissions right now, they're going fast though! Only two left at the moment and one of them is pending, so if you'd like a request for a commission put in then send me a note soon!.  There are no slots open for requests or trades right now, sorry.


1.)Royal Strawberries Dryad - Painting half done 8/23

2.)TheWritingBaker  Book Covers - Discussing 8/23

3.) Merman - Painting in Process 8/23

4.) OPEN!
5.) OPEN!

8/19 - Royal Strawberries Game Concepts & Cover
8/21 - Passage of Time

Audrey Fry's Pricing Guide


1.)  These are personal commission based prices, not business/marketing based.  If you are interested in artwork for a business purpose, or something that will be resold/reused for products, please contact me through e-mail to discuss contracts and job scope.  Unless otherwise agreed, I retain all rights to repost, reuse, sell prints of, and display the illustration(s).

            A.)  Things I will paint

                        - Fantasy/Sci-Fi based illustrations, Historical, Modern, Realistic, Characterized

                        - Humans, Monsters, Animals, Anthropomorphic, Folklore Peoples and Creatures, Original Characters

                        - Scenes, Natural Landscapes (few buildings, or older buildings)

                        - Digital, Watercolors, Ink painting, Shaded drawings, Linework

            B.)  Things I will NOT paint

                        - Nudity, Erotic, Drugs, Alcohol, TOO much graphic violence, etc.

                        - Anime, Fan Art, or Copying another person's style/image

                        - Anything I don't feel comfortable with


2.)  PAYMENT: I expect full payment AFTER I have sent some BASIC thumbnail ideas for the client to look at and an approximate date for the illustration to be finished.  Example: Sally says she wants a wolf in a tree.  I quote her a price of $100.  She agrees, I send 5-10 SMALL doodles, about the size of your thumb, to look through that give different ways of setting up the illustration.  Sally says she likes number 4, OR says she would like number 4 but with certain changes.  NO NEW THUMBNAILS OR WORK IS SENT AT THIS POINT UNTIL SALLY SENDS THE PAYMENT. $100 is sent, I give a more fixed date for the finished illustration to be sent, and Sally receives TWO updates.  ONE; when the drawing is ready to be painted, that way Sally can ask for any simple changes, and TWO; when the color schemes are ready for the painting so Sally can make a choice on colors.

            -All Payments can be made by PayPal or Check

            -There are no refunds on artwork that is in the process of being completed. 
            A.K.A. When payment is sent and I've already begun the drawing process it's too late for a refund.


3.)  If you have more questions, send an e-mail to fryillustration(@)gmail(dot)com



Bookmarks (2in x 7in);

  B&W = $40             Color = $60

      Country Girl by akdreamweaver                Survival by akdreamweaver    

Badge Size (3in x 4in);

 B&W = $30                                Color = $50

Self Portrait 1 by akdreamweaver              Snowy White by akdreamweaver 

Single Character NO Background (9in x 12in);

B&W= $50-$75 (depends on shading)
Woman by akdreamweaver




Single Character WITH Background (9in x 12in);

B&W=$200-$400                                                            Color=$400-$600
Passage Of Time by akdreamweaver      Seven Moons by akdreamweaver

Additional Characters(up to 4) = B&W is $25per character, Color is $50 per character

Digital Prices are the same.


For other sizes larger than 9in x 12in please contact me for pricing.



akdreamweaver's Profile Picture
Audrey Fry
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Audrey Fry studied at Brigham Young University in Idaho and recieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts, emphasis in Illustration in 2010.

Her desire to draw and paint is inspired from music, books, animals, nature, folklore, and a variety of interesting sights and adventures.

Most of her illustrations are created through Adobe Photoshop, but occasionally she dabbles in Watercolor paint and oils.

Besides art, Audrey spends time working on photography, writing her books, eating chocolate, and hiking through the mountains.

Find her on these sites!

TWITTER: akdreamweaver


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touchofthesoul Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lovely art!
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YOU. ARE. AMAZING. Simply amaayyyzing artwork. Keep producing more of this happiness!!! :D
Acacophony Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You have gorgeous artwork. I love it all.
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I love your style and your gallery
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Hello! :happybounce:
I would like to invite you to :iconshinesofmystery: a relatively new Fantasy 2D group in growth.
It would be really lovely to have your works amongst our gallery collections! :dance:

Have a lovely day! :iconpinklilyplz:

Fullmoonstar Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
You have got an awesome gallery. I will really need to watch you:D
akdreamweaver Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thanks :)
Fullmoonstar Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
You are very welcome:D
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I'd like to welcome you to The World Builders Guild.

I hope you find the group helps to inspire the world your building. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for the group then please feel free to message them to me :) Also if you'd like to receive weekly world building articles then you can join our mailing list here.

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